Big And Juicy

This recent revenge video is fucking hot. Ever think you are being watched? Ever think that you are being watched and video tapped? Well this video encompasses both of those paranoid feelings. Apparently these two dudes cheated with each other on their exes. Their exes got together and formed a revenge plot to bring their cheating exes down. The exes followed these two new lovers and video tapped them having sex in a car. A car that was on campus. So not only were they embarrassed in front of the entire school and faculty but they were fined $1,000 for public indecency. Fucking hot, right? These two being tapped are cute and were somewhat closeted, were, being the operative word. After this hot performance was made public there is no way of getting back in the closet. These hotties suck some mean dick. And not only can they orally please each other but they fuck like animals. The rocking of the car was intense. This hot car fuck will leave a lasting impression on you, as it has on everyone at their university!

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