Feel The Burn

This recent video was sent in by a scorned lover but it's a hot-ass video none the less. These two dudes were apparently in love with each other, but now its over and we get to receive pleasure from their pain. Too bad, so sad! This couple is hot, guys! The bottom is a slender well built dude, with an amazing fuck hole. And the top has one of those big meaty cocks that can make any cock-suckers mouth water. The hot bottom can suck a cock like no ones business. He takes this huge slab of meat all the way to its base! Talk about an award winning deep throat specialist. Id say he deserved an award but his award is the cock he swallows! Lucky bastard. After an amazing cock sucking scene the hung top asks his bottom: "let me see that ass, baby?" The bottom obeys and spreads his sweet cheeks apart revealing a tasty looking fuck shoot of an ass hole. This hole is yummy. The top is a lucky fucker as he plays with the bottom's sweet, pink hole and runs his hands over his round buns and gives some attention to the bottom's set of low hangers! This bottom must be some champ, guys because as the top wedges his huge piece of meat into the fleshy buns the bottom simply "sighs." So hot! The top slams his big dick in and out of this sweet fuck hole with the bottom moaning the whole time. The bottom's hole is so talented that he takes the cock all the way down to its base and begs for more. After fucking in the missionary position for awhile the top pulls out of the hungry bottom's ass hole and begins to jerk his meat. The bottom begs the top to: "give me that cum, mmm...yeah!" The large cock does not disappoint and begins to spray large amounts of creamy spunk all over the bottom's hot, toned stomach. With a large smile on his cute face the bottom dutifully tells his top: "thank you, babe" because after all that was a grade A fucking and a thank you was well deserved!

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