Good Times

This is exactly what happens to a group of guys that are BORED as hell, in a dorm room, with no plans for the future. Im sure all of you been there before. When everything fails, and even your girlfriend doesnt wanna do anything with you, then all you have to do is suggest a Dutch Rotor. If you dont know what that is, here is the 411 on that. Is when you hold your own dick, like if you are gonna jerk off, but one of your buddys grabs your arm and moves it for you. That is totally cool, and NOT GAY. Did I forget to mention that this guys are all super horny as fuck, because after the dutch rotor didnt work, they moved on to a full on hand job, and that pretty much got the balls rolling for.... Well, U know. Lets just say that all of the guys busted a nut happily ever after.