All Balls Out

Truth or dare, drinking, guys and girls. A recepie for some hot college sex if you ask me. First rule, ditch truth. Who cares about truth. Everyone knows the purpose of any good truth or dare game is daring people to do sexual things until everyone is fucking. The girls get the boys to match their dares. Out of dozens of submissions for this update, this one took the cake. You can clearly figure out who the alpha male is right off the bat. He basically wont shut up. But, he does keep things going. The tall cute kid that gets blown in the corner, looks like hes loving it, until the camera goes toward him and he puts on his OMG face. I caught it...maybe you will agree. I dont know if that was for our benefit or his, but it was pretty damn cute. At one point it appears alpha male is fucking a dude, but Im not convinced. Hes certainly funny, and has a pretty big cock. But I just dont think its in that kids butt. Overall, this one was hot. Some great bodies, great cocks, and boy on boy action that I could whack it to a few times today alone. There is some cumming too...cannot forget that, and I think the bi kid gets the best end of the deal. You be the judge.