Say Cheese

I can totally relate to this one. In college my roommate was HOT. And I mean HOT. I would have given my left nut to fuck him. So when I started checking this one out, I was immediately intrigued. First, I was puzzled because the cameras never move. I was a little hesitant about picking it at first because I couldnt see everything...the cameras of which we get to see 2 angles from, appear to be hidden. And then I realized, there was a damn good reason. Gay boy has a straight roommate whos hot and hung. In a slightly strange twist of events, gay boys best girlfriend is over and they have a plan. A hidden camera plan. Best girl friend is going to help gay boy get straight roommate. You see, it appears that straight roommate has a thing for best girl friend, and everyone knows it. Straight roommate is out drinking, when he gets a call to come back to the dorm for more drinks. After awhile, best girl friend has basically gotten the straight boy naked, and after more talking than I would ever do, she convinces straight boy to get a bj, from gay roommate. Mark one up on the board for the gays tonight. Check this one out.