Taking Aim

When I saw this video, it took me back to those days when I was the bat boy for a local college team. The guys were always fucking around, Slapping each other with towels, pulling their balls out to compare who had the biggest. Ahh yes, it brings me back. This time we have 5 gorgeous looking guys, in a room jerking it to win money. One fearless member of the group gets this great idea to throw a party, and have a circle jerk to submit it to win 10,000 dollars. After a bit of resistance, and some coercion from the girls, they finally go for it. I think these girls wanted to see it too. With a little help, these boys do a bang up job. The 2 guys in the middle end up being who I would consider our top performers. Ripped with huge cocks, they steal the show. And that chalk board target for the contest...well, I will just let you see for yourselves. Hot jocks, jerking off, who can cum the furthest. Hot bodies and BIG cocks.