Long And Hard

Huge dicks are always fun. If you are lucky enough to snag yourself a man that is hung then hell yeah, if, however, you are not, then at least he better have some wonderful traits. The dude who made this recent video, Brett, was not so lucky. He was not lucky in either category. Not only did his boyfriend have a little dick but he was a cheating asshole who had no capacity to care for anyone other than himself. When Brett found out that his boyfriend was screwing dudes all over town he decided to get even rather than sad. He knew his, now, ex boyfriend was very insecure about his little dick. He also knew that this is one of the reasons he was such an asshole. So Brett decided to find a dude with a huge dick. Once he found his well endowed co-conspirator they made this incredibly hot new GayRevenge video. No ex boyfriend wants to see their former boy with someone else, especially someone who has a much, much bigger dick. Sucks for the ex. Sucks for Brett, in a much better way and is awesome for us.

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